from 3 hours to 2 hours to 1 hour to 10 minutes to 1 minute to 10 seconds to negative 10 seconds to negative 1 minute. i don't have enough time to do it. so practically i should be failing my theory exam. great. and now im shivering like im in north pole. lol.

theory exams on monday. monday. dooms day. lol.

watch this watch this.

"amc canteen day wei, go lo"

"sure alot girls one"
"sure alot hotties lo"
"etc etc etc"

says everybody. i say not that true. not much hotties i see there, but it was really really crowded. it was even more crowded than during shopping spree. and thats really amazing. every single queue takes like forever.

i practically skipped training for amc canteen day. not really true, but at least half true, partially because of the backache i am having. it really do kills. i walked at 45 degree forward-leaning for weeks and still not showing a slightest improvement on it. father gives no shit bout my back. lol. conversation i had with my dad,
"daddy, i'm having backache"
"so? cut it and you will be having none"

back to amc canteen day, hotties weren't common. i hardly see any. maybe there were but i don't see much. more of amc girls. people promoting over their stuffs, even for food stall, they cheerlead-promoted their stall. lol. and the girls were beside me. it was like suddenly a girl jumped up shouting "tiamo tiamo". funny? i know. lol. i didn't bought much, but due to constantly bumping into people, and these are the people being forced to buy coupons from girls and so by that, i was treated from here to there. lol. what i regretted most was, i played water games as my very first game, and I DIDN'T WEAR A RAINCOAT. GOD DAMN IT FRIENDS. lol. we didn't wear raincoat and ended up, we were wet like immersing towel into a bucket of water. i remember i was being chased and poured by a girl after my very moment i step into the warzone. yeah, thats what i call that place. LOL. after that was haunted maze. lol. i would say it hot than scary. and the queue really do kills, due to very-good-relationship i made in school, i managed to cut queue. a very long queue indeed. HAHA. and it still takes like forever to wait for our turn. i didn't take any pictures though, my phone was wet from the very beginning. others was just normal.

i think thats enough for now. bye

It is all about busy. days getting busier and busier, sleeps getting lesser and lesser. goshhhhhhhh.

did i say that, i was having a bad haircut? i couldn't tahan it so i went to cut it. tom cruise's hair was my aim actually, LOL. but it seems that i failed. it wasn't as i expected. still it is better than the old one. will update picture later. just woke up.

and and my earphone is back. i don't have to bear that terrible sufficating earphone that constantly hurting my ear. so now, i can watch beethoven virus without anyone noticing. HAHAHA. did i tell you that beethoven virus is my current addict. it is seriously nice. WATCH WATCH WATCHHHHH.
gosh. he can kill anybody with his pose.

to be continued. eating time.


how should i start it off with? hmm. let's start it with prefectorial board annual dinner. as i said earlier on, it sucked. well, maybe they are all just too discipline to be wild. lol. performed some songs where most of us are there just to clap and snap fingers. HAHA. only few of the better ones sang. it wasn't that good afterall. paid 30 bucks for a buffet dinner that worth, for the most, 10 bucks. and we wore like as if we are the one retiring. LOL. thats like so weird. everyone else wore so simple.
my outfit.

ALARM RANG AT 6.20. i know, thats so so so so so damn early. and i can't sleep after i wake. so i went down and took an almost half an hour bath to kill the time. and then jumping around for another hour, i decided to wake my dad up to go for breakfast. lol. thats an evil act. he normally don't bring me to breakfast cause we both will be sleeping. today is kinda unusual for 2-person breakfast. we went for FuSan. they built a new block and it was beautiful. and price for the beautiful scenery for breakfast? TIME. i actually waited for like an hour for carpark and table to sit. i thought i was early, and i was wrong, i was late instead. it was so congested that even the queue for taking away takes maybe, forever? what to say finding a place to sit down and have a good breakfast? lol.
the forever taking queue. it just won't move.
the crowd. i bet there was around 200 people inside.

i haven't take my dinner and it is 9 now. lol. i just woke up. won't be sleeping tonight anyway. so, bye blog.

After a pretty tiring week, i finally get to use the computer. i actually set a limit for myself that i shall not even touch the computer on weekday. and, i failed. haha. i am on the boys over flower fever that i watched all japanese, korean and also mandarin version. lol. and japanese version sucked. practically because of japanese version got no handsomes and pretties. the side actor is even prettier than the main character ._.

and it was J-card day on wednesday and thursday. everybody seems so crazy over this. same for me HAHAHA. people crowded the whole jusco like as if you're in a middle of a war, you can't actually move much. whenever you turn, you will bang someone. people shouting, babies crying, people chatting, it was pretty much like pasar malam, just that you can't haggle. it was so crowded until that you need to queue for half an hour to pay.

the pasar malam scene. it was 11.p.m. and everybody is still shopping.

despite all the crowd, i still manage to get myself this.

my new shirt =D

so much for now, i got to get going. bye

Im back im back im BACKKKKKK. after such a long break and a blog, i am finally back to blog. well, i wasn't that determined to update my blog and ended up abandon and now, it is deleted. okay, let's see will this blog be a successful one.

My n85 sent for repair AGAIN. second time in 2 months. GREAT right. due to the speaker problem caused by watching movie at maximum volume by my friends, i was frustrated over the snake-length earphone which i use to listen to music and is rather annoying. haven't mention that the earphone hurts. it is big for my ear and i have to reposition the earphone like very few seconds, it is such a torturous thing. there are defects on the phone casing. i am so not lending my phone to anybody anymore. also that, my in-ear headphone is also spoilt. and i have to wait for like another month to get back my headphone. gosh, what a life i am having. i should love it right. HAHAHA.

Will update later when i got back my phone. till then, bye